Advanced Patterns and Refactoring

5 Days

What You Will Learn
This course teaches experienced developers and object oriented designers how to use patterns to eliminate the exponential cost of change. Developers will learn how to incrementally create optimal designs that satisfy requirements, efficiently map object oriented middle tiers to relational databases and handle the rigors of user interface integration. It also teaches developers how to leverage legacy code eliminating the need to completely rewrite working applications simply to 'improve' designs.

Course Highlights
  • Refactoring and requirments
  • Basic patterns for writing code for testing
  • Refactoring and patterns
  • Creational patterns
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Structural patterns
  • Patterns for persistence and relational databases
  • Model-View-Controller

This course is designed for practicing engineers. Students should have experience in an object oriented programming language, UML and object oriented design.

This course includes: 5 days of instruction, a copy of all course slides with full written commentary, all sources to in class exercises and a two reference books selected by the instructor.

Recommended Reading

"The Mythical Man Month", Fredrick P. Brook

"Object Oriented Design Heuristics", Arthur J. Reil

"Refactoring", Martin Fowler

"Object-Oriented Design in Java", Stephen Gilbert and Bill McCarty

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