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X-Spaces, Inc.

About X-Spaces

Since 1992, X-Spaces has been helping businesses develop software ontime and under budget.

Our training enables software organizations to create products that satisfy the needs of their customers and we provide the leadership necessary to ensure ongoing project success. Our unique approach leverages the skills of managers, analysts, and developers in a wholistic approach to software engineering.

X-Spaces is staffed by developers and teachers with many years of experience in the software industry at all levels of development organizations. The staff is also experienced in a wide variety of Agile Methodologies and have led the completion of many successful Extreme Programming projects.

About X-Spaces founder, Carmine Mangione
Respected educator, researcher, widely published author, and a software development leader that has consistently delivered successful commercial products. Carmine has taught classes for many Fortune 500 companies including Boeing, Countrywide Mortgage, and Citibank. Recent publications include articles in JavaWorld, NCWorld, and a long running column in Enterprise Developer Magazine.

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