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X-Spaces classes are consistently rated excellent*. Students find the class material is immediately relevant to their work, and that the underlying principles are communicated clearly.
* 4.5 out of 5 average student-rated score for all classes

Object Oriented Analysis
"This is the best, best... can't find words to express how Carmine has presented and explained better than [other instructors]. Thank You!"

"Good class and can be used immediately."

"This course should be mandatory for everyone."

"As usual I would not miss a class instructed by Carmine. He not only presents an application theoretically, then gives us the realistic method. Excellent!"

"This course was excellent and I believe that I will be able to utilize the content provided to make my working environment better by improving processes and metrics."

"Great instructor. Excellent hands-on class."

Object Oriented Development
"An excellent class for non object oriented developers."

"Great introduction to OO concepts! Especially to programmers who want to learn OO programming."

"Very good and very worthwhile."

"Good class for developers who are starting to program in an OO language."

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