Managing Legacy Applications

2 Days

What You Will Learn
Legacy applications present unique problems in a modern software organization. First, most projects reach the point of exponential costs of change. That is, new features or even bug fixes take longer and longer to perform and usually result in creating more bugs. However, so much effort has been put into the legacy code base it is not possible to start over. Almost all organizations, no matter how successful end up with these projects. This course teaches managers how to extract the most value from legacy applications while simultaneously moving the project forward and ensuring quality.

Course Highlights
  • Understanding Exponential Cost of Change
  • Rolling Back the Cost of Change
  • Leveraging Legacy Code
  • Injecting Quality into Legacy Code
  • Leveraging existing team expertise
  • Moving a project forward
  • Assessing risk in a legacy environment
  • Rules of engagement for successful projects

This course is designed for program and product managers, directors and vice presidents who are currently working on software engineering projects. You should understand the basics of standard engineering processes.

This course includes: 2 days of instruction, a copy of all course slides with full written commentary, sources and examples and a two reference books selected by the instructor.

Recommended Reading

"The Mythical Man Month", Fredrick P. Brook

"Death March", Edward Yourdon

"Surviving Object Oriented Projects", Alistair Cockburn

"Agile Software Development", Alistair Cockburn

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