Introduction to Java Programming

5 Days

What You Will Learn
This course teaches the basics of good programming in Java. It is an intensive Java course designed to bring programmers up to speed in the Java language and the basics of object oriented programming.

Course Highlights
  • Basic object oriented concepts and definitions
  • UML basics
  • Java syntax
  • Java types
  • Sandboxes, class loading and garbage collection
  • Classes and objects
  • Java I/O
  • GUI development with Swing
  • Database access with JDBC
  • Java collections

This course is designed for practicing engineers. Students should have experience in some programming language.

This course includes: 5 days of instruction, a copy of all course slides with full written commentary, all sources to in class exercises and a two reference books selected by the instructor.

Recommended Reading

"Object-Oriented Design in Java", Stephen Gilbert and Bill McCarty

"Java in a Nutshell", Davic Flanagin

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