Introduction to Data Modeling

5 Days

What You Will Learn
This course teaches students the basics of E-R Diagrams, data and enterprise rule gathering and database creation. It is designed for analysts, managers and developers of all levels of expertise. The students will also learn the basics of SQL and create real-world data models, databases, and queries.

Course Highlights
  • Attributes
  • Tables
  • Domains
  • Entity-Relationship diagrams
  • Relationships and multiplicity
  • Basic SQL
  • Mapping E-R diagrams to tables in SQL
  • Queries

This course is designed for analysts and developers of all experience levels.

This course includes: 5 days of instruction, a copy of all course slides with full written commentary, all sources to in class exercises and a two reference books selected by the instructor.

Recommended Reading

"Database: Principles, Programming, and Performance", Patrick O'Neil

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