Essential SQL

3 Days

What You Will Learn
This hands-on course teaches students how to create SQL queries from the simple to the most complex. It examines SQL structural and informational queries and the dialects from various vendors. It is designed for both beginners and current users of SQL.

Course Highlights
  • SQL basics and history
  • SQL levels and vendor support
  • Structural queries
  • Update queries
  • Simple queries
  • Nested queries
  • Aggregational queries
  • Queries, data mining and statistics
  • Query logging
  • Query performance

This course is designed for analysts and developers of all experience levels.

This course includes: 3 days of instruction, a copy of all course slides with full written commentary, all sources to in class exercises and a two reference books selected by the instructor.

Recommended Reading

"Database: Principles, Programming, and Performance", Patrick O'Neil

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